You have chosen to report with personal details. This means that someone from Sheffield Hallam University can respond and, if required, work with you to seek a resolution, and take appropriate action. Go to our support page to find out more about these options.

This report will remain confidential and the information contained in it will only be passed on to relevant and specifically trained staff members on a strictly need-to-know basis. We will not disclose any personal or identifiable information to others unless we believe there is a genuine threat to a person's safety.

There may be situations where we need to take action despite your wishes; we will always seek your co-operation with this and try to minimise the impact on you, but if we believe there is a risk to you, or to another person/ people, we will take reasonable action to manage the risk and protect the relevant parties.  If you would prefer not to give your details you can fill in the anonymous form and seek support here.