There are a range of information sources for students around sexual consent and support services. 


Consent Matters

Consent Matters is a short online module about sexual consent available to all staff and students at Sheffield Hallam.To access it click here and follow the instructions below to register

How to access the course

  • You need to register on that platform using your email address
  • You will be sent an activation link by email
  • You then need to use a 'token' (code) The code for Consent Matters is: fa06b00e



Healthy relationships project

The healthy relationships project  is run by the Students Union, mainly for International students it involves online elements and a workshop.  This online tutorial is available to everyone


Bystander interventions training

A cohort of students has been trained to deliver bystander intervention training to other students.  Bystander intervention is training people to intervene to prevent harmful situations from escalating, to do this a bystander needs to:

  • recognise the situation
  • feel that they should act
  • feel confident about some things to do that can improve the situation.

for more information or to request some training please contact Jill Lebihan





There are two ways you can report something